We provide comprehensive medical services in the field of dentistry, implantology, orthopedics, radiology, cardiology, dietetics, dermatology, oncology and aesthetic medicine.


At Credus Clinic, we always put the Patient's needs first. We want everyone to feel comfortable with us - from the first visit to the end of treatment.

We reserve sufficient time for each consultation. We provide comfortable conditions for waiting for an appointment, and during its duration we answer all questions comprehensively. We want not only to treat, but also to educate. Our goal is to make the Patient fully aware of their state of health and medical recommendations. During the visits, we try to transfer as much knowledge as possible and teach Patients to properly care for their health. At Credus Clinic, we operate without hurry.

Credus Clinic is not only dentistry. Already after crossing the threshold of our Clinic, we cover the Patient with comprehensive care. We offer consultations with doctors of various specialties – orthopedics, cardiology, dermatology, radiology, oncology, aesthetic medicine and implantology. Our Patients also have the option of using services of a dietitian. We work as a team and thanks to that we provide medical services of the highest quality.

We use advanced methods of treatment. We work only on the highest class of modern medical equipment. We have, among others, a device for dental computed tomography, a modern microscope, a laser and an ultrasound machine. Thanks to the extensive medical equipment, most of the tests are carried out on site.



Principles of Credus Clinic is to provide all possible solutions in creating a healthy, beautiful and attractive look.
The comfort and satisfaction of our Patients is always in the first place.

The comfort and satisfaction of our Patients is always in the first place. We devote as much attention to each Patient as we need in a given situation. We answer questions and try to dispel all doubts arising during treatment. We treat our Patients individually and in this way we also select treatment methods. We have modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. We use advanced methods of treatment with proven effectiveness. We advise and educate Patients on the proper oral hygiene.

We attach great importance to making every visit a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
Every day we try to prove that a visit to the dentist can be pleasant and painless.



We offer multi-stage help to Patients suffering from various orthopedic disorders. When choosing the most suitable method of treatment, we always care for the good of the Patient.

We help both adults and children. Thanks to many years of experience in working with small Patients, we are able to ensure that every child feels safe and secure in our clinic.

We treat, among others, spinal disorders and degenerative changes. We also help Patients
whose injuries arose as a result of professional or amateur sports.

We attach special attention to the fact that each research takes place in a friendly and
comfortable atmosphere. We answer all Patient’s questions and remain at our disposal in the event of any doubts.