Price list

The price list presented below is exemplary. A detailed cost estimate is given to the Patient after the consultation visit. The price offer presented below has an informative function and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code.

Price list

Orthopedic consultation
250 zł
Ultrasound examination of selected joint
330 zł
Treatment with hyaluronic acid (single shot - 3 in 1)
from 650 zł
Treatment with hyaluronic acid (single dose - 2ml)
250 zł
Treatment with Platet Rich Plasma
1300 zł
Epidural injection
250 - 1200 zł
Joint puncture
250 zł
Steroid injection
from 250 zł
Consultation of children's orthopedist
250 zł
Ultrasound examination of hip joints in children
250 zł
First visit (about 60 minutes, ECG, ECHO of the heart)
320 zł
Subsequent consultation visits
280 zł
ECG Holter
200 zł
Pressure Holter
200 zł
ECG (without cardiac consultation)
150 zł
Endocrinology gastrologist
250 zł
Endocrinology consultation with ultrasound examination of thyroid
300 zł
Thyroid biopsy
from 250 zł
Gastroenterological consultation
250 zł
Gastroenterological consultation (online)
220 zł
Internal Medicine
Medical consultation
200 zł
100 zł
Neurological consultation
200 zł
First-time neurological consultation
250 zł

Removal of plaque (scaling)
from 300 zł
Removal of sediments (sandblasting)
from 300 zł
150 zł
Hygienization package:
scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation, hygiene instruction (service time aprox. 1 hour)
550 zł
Dental consultation
200 zł
Dental consultation with oral examination
250 zł
A visit with the presentation of the treatment plan
200 zł
Diagnostic models
350 zł
Digital panorama
180 zł
Digital Cephalometric (side X-RAY needed for orthodontic treatment)
250 zł
Dental Computer Tomography
500 zł
Dental cone beam computed tomography
(needed for root canal treatment)
350 zł
Diagnostic scan
150 zł
Dental photographs
(needed to prepare a complex treatment plan and medical
150 zł
Surgery and Periodontology
Tooth extraction under anesthesia
550 zł
Eight tooth extraction
from 750 zł
Surgical tooth extraction
from 850 zł
Extraction of the retained tooth
The exact cost of tooth extraction is given during
the consultation visit, after examination of the oral cavity and assessment
from 1500 zł
Resection of tooth tip
from 1500 zł
Cutting out the gingival pocket
400 zł
Undercutting the lip or tongue frenulum with LASER
600 zł
Excision of lesions within the mouth with LASER
(along with histopathological
750 zł
Covering the recession
from 2500 zł
Closed curettage (1 arc)
from 900 zł
Open curettage (1 arc)
from 2500 zł
Implant implantation
3700 zł
Uncovering the implant, inserting a healing screw
550 zł
Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus
3500 zł
Augmentation of the alveolar ridge
2500 zł
The exact cost of the implant surgery is given
after a consultation visit, during which a dental tomography (CBCT) is performed.
On the basis of the test, it is possible to assess whether additional treatments are
needed (e.g. raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus). After the surgery, patients
are contracted for a free check-up during which the doctor assesses the healing and
removes the sutures.
Porcelain veneer
2400 zł
Porcelain crown on metal
1950 zł
All-ceramic crown
2400 - 2700 zł
Temporary crown
350 zł
Metal insert
1200 zł
depending on the material
1550 - 1950 zł
Prostheses on implants
The exact cost of prosthesis is given during
the consultation visit
Crown on the implant
3700 zł
Conservative treatment
Aesthetic restoration, composite veneer
800 - 950 zł
500 - 850 zł
350 zł
50 zł
Icon (infiltration) - treatment of white spots
350 zł / tooth
Tooth splinting
250 zł / tooth
On-site (both arches)
2000 zł
Over night
950 zł
200 zł
Digital pantomogram (panorama)
150 zł
Digital cephalometric X-RAY
250 zł
Control visit with fixed appliances (1 arch)
350 zł
Control visit with fixed appliances (2 arch)
400 zł
Permanent metal braces
2700 zł
Iconix Aesthetic Braces
3500 zł
Permanent rhodium-plated braces
3500 zł
Fixed aesthetic braces
4200 zł
Dismantling of the fixed appliance
550 zł/arch
Removable braces in children
Depending on the type of braces and malocclusion. The exact cost will be provided by the doctor during the consultation visit.
from 1400 zł
Orthodontic treatment using Invisalign
the exact cost after examining the Patient and carrying out the analysis
from 12 000 zł
Orthodontic analysis
We send impressions and an initial treatment plan to the Invisalign laboratory in
Amsterdam, where the impressions are scanned and we prepare a detailed treatment
plan based on this. At this point, we know exactly how many overlays will be
needed to cure the malocclusion. Only after such an analysis we are able to give an
accurate treatment cost estimate.
1500 zł
750 zł
Root canal treatment under the microscope of the incisor, canine (one, two, three)
1400 zł
Root canal treatment under the microscope of premolars (four, five)
1700 zł
Root canal treatment under the microscope of molars (six and seven)
In the case of root canal treatment lasting longer than 1 visit, the cost of total root
canal treatment is divided.
2000 zł
Reconstruction after root canal treatment
500 - 800 zł
Pediatric dentistry
An adaptation visit
250 zł
Sealing of 1 tooth
250 zł
Light-curing filling
280 - 320 zł
Extraction of the milk tooth
280 zł
250 zł
Undercutting the lip or tongue frenulum with LASER
(thanks to the use of a
laser, no need for stitching)
600 zł
50 zł
Intervention visits
250 zł
Incision of abscess
250 zł
Repair of a prosthesis made outside Credus Clinic
550 zł
Cementation of a crown made outside Credus Clinic
250 zł
Removal of stitches placed outside of Credus Clinic
150 zł
Attaching the orthodontic bracket
(orthodontic treatment outside the Credus Clinic)
250 zł
Adherence of the orthodontic retainer
(orthodontic treatment outside the Credus
250 zł / point (tooth)
General Anesthesia conducted by an anesthesiologist
from 1000 zł
(depending of time of treatment)

Modelling/enlarging the lips with hyaluronic acid up to 1 ml
1200 zł
Facial mesotherapy (and neck)
from 650 zł
Mezoterapia regeneracyjna (PRP or PRF)
850 zł
Mezoterapia regeneracyjna (PRP and PRF)
1100 zł
- forehead wrinkles
- forehead wrinkles
- crow's feet
- marbled beard
from 700 zł (one area)
Excision of skin lesion
from 550 zł
Modelling of cheeks with hyaluronic acid up to 1 ml
1200 zł
Filling furrows and wrinkles with hyaluronic acid up to 1ml
1200 zł

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