What is Invisalign?
Orthodontic treatment does not have to be a painful and unpleasant experience associated with pain, problems with eating and dental hygene.  Instead of braces and lock you can choose transparent aligners and complex treatment digitally designed.

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What is Invisalign?

It’s a modern orthodontic system.
Instead of wires and locks, we carry out orthodontic treatment using TRANSPARENT ALIGNERS.

Patient’s treatment is designed by computer.
The treatment plan together with the visualization of individual stages and the final result can be shown to the patient before the treatment is started!
It’s great – it amazingly improves the communication between the doctor and the patient.

What are the advantages of this orthodontic treatment compared to classical orthodontics?

First and foremost – in the case of braces, it is much easier to care for oral hygiene!
Brushing teeth between locks and wires is a real challenge! To be sure that we have perfectly
brushed all surfaces, we must practically be a dental hygienist!
So it is possible, but it requires exceptional practice and determination. Unfortunately, people
who do not care for oral hygiene in the case of wearing a classic apparatus are often
observed in the caries after removing the device.
Instead, we remove the aligners for cleaning the teeth, wash and weave the teeth normally,
then wash the aligners and put it back together.
It’s that simple!

Another advantage of orthodontic aligners is that it is INVISIBLE!

The advantage is also the fact that the b do not hurt the mucous membranes of the cheeks or lips, as is sometimes the case with locks and wires.

How to use such braces?

It’s best to wear them 22 hours a day.
That is, to take them off only to eat and drink.
After eating, it would be best to brush your teeth or at least rinse them with plenty of water and then put on the braces again. Simple?
However, there is one important issue here: only pure mineral water can be drunk with braces attached to the teeth. Even to drink water with lemon, the braces should be removed and proceed as described above.

Each set of braces (1 for teeth in the jaw and 1 for teeth in the lower jaw) we carry for a WEEK..
So it is extremely hygienic! Every week, we put on fresh and clean new braces!

Can any defect be treated with braces?

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, be sure to pay attention to the name of the braces system. There are many companies on the market. Invisaglin has the widest scope of activity, it is also the most predictable. The vast majority of orthodontic defects can be cured with Invisalign braces!


Invisalign – what does the process look like?

You are not convinced that this is the solution for you? Come to the consultation. It’s a general consultation. By default, a panorama is performed, an examination of the oral cavity. The doctor talks generally about modern brace orthodontics. You can ask questions!
This is not a visit where we are already starting to take the treatment process!(Unless the patient has already heard about this system and is determined.) To begin orthodontic treatment it is necessary to heal all teeth and in some cases remove the eights. So if the patient has any foci of caries, the dental treatment plan is first established.

All teeth healthy? Nothing prevents us – we can start orthodontic treatment. At the beginning, impressions or scans of the dental arches are taken. We take pictures of the patient’s face and his teeth – needed to establish a treatment plan.
We make the necessary X-rays. At this stage, we do not know yet how many sets of aligners the patient will receive and in
connection with how long the treatment will last. Based on collected medical information, COMPUTER ANALYSIS

We arrange the patient to present a treatment plan. We show VISUALIZATION.
Thanks to the fact that the plan is very detailed, we know the time of treatment and the
number of overlays required. At this point, we can inform the patient about the total cost of
treatment. At this stage, the patient may decide to treat or resign from it.
If the patient accepts the treatment plan, we order American Invisalign aligners.

We start a journey for a beautiful smile!
We give the patient braces, we instruct how to use them and how to care for them and we inform about the frequency of follow-up visits.
If you want to learn more, we invite you to consult Credus Clinic!