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We conduct ECG tests for the early detection and comprehensive treatment of heart diseases. It is a basic, non-invasive cardiac examination which, when interpreted correctly, allows to detect many pathologies in the areas of arrhythmias, ischemic changes and even some genetic diseases.

Echo of the heart

We perform echocardiography of the heart. We assess the structure and function of the valves, measure the size of the heart cavities and their functions, and diagnose acquired and congenital heart defects. Examination necessary to select not only the right drugs, but also the right form of therapy.

ECG Holter

During the examination, we conduct a 24-hour diagnostics of cardiac arrhythmias, breaks in the heart and ischemic changes that can’t be detected during a routine, resting ECG test.

Pressure Holter

We carry out tests using a device that automatically monitors blood pressure. As a result, we can detect arterial hypertension well in advance, as well as worrying decreases and fluctuations in blood pressure throughout the day.